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Know About Master Of Political Digital Campaign Nafih Mohammed Naser

Nafih Mohammed Naser, born on 13th December, in the year 1988 in Kasargod district of Kerala is currently appointed as the Social Media Coordinator of the Youth Congress, Bangalore district. He did his schooling from Saadiya Senior Secondary school and his under graduation with bachelors in commerce from PA college, Mangalore. He has a rather dynamic appeal to his approach in the representation of Indian politics, in the day and age where the younger generation detests politics and the corruption that revolves around it, here is a personality who brings out the more Positive, Powerful and impactful social reforms through constant engagement in public service.

Having a huge following on Instagram on his @nmnnafi, portrays a lifestyle which the youth identify, inspire and could relate with. This apart, Nafih Mohamed Naser has been actively involved in efforts to promote, impede, direct, or intervene in social, political, economic reform with the desire to make changes in society. He has participated in many rallies and campaigns as a social activist and propagandas like the Anti-drug campaign, to spread awareness and curb its usage among the youth. 

He has also been actively involved in spreading awareness of the political campaigns, meetings, propagandas of the congress party and their contribution to the welfare of society through social media, print media etc.

His followers on social media can see the actual behind the scenes working of a politicians life? He’s breaking the stereotype in more than ways, with adopting lifestyle manners that the youth can identify and also aspire to be like.

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