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Looking for some new mouth-watering recipes? Chef Sonali Mishra has got you covered!

Who says managing a hundred tasks at once and acing them all is not possible? With sheer will and determination to do something different, one can do anything if they put their heart to it. One of the best examples for the same is Sonali Mishra, a Chef Youtuber and Web developer with a quality experience of over five years. Catering to her passion to cook and let others learn from the same, she has created her Youtube Channel by the name ‘Sonali’s Recipes’ which holds a whopping five lakh subscribers.

The exemplary chef has a huge fan base across various social media platforms. With 11k followers on Instagram and 6k on Facebook, she does regular live streams on the platform garnering a lot of appreciation from the audience. Her videos are commendable in quality and are good enough to learn something new from them. Sonali also creates content and does live streams on platforms like Roposo, Desiplex, and Spotlight with more than 1 lakh viewers.

Mother to a four-year-old daughter, Sonali has graciously attained a perfect work-life balance. She constantly helps her daughter to upskill her life ever since the start. Contributing to the same, her daughter has her own Youtube channel under the name ‘Little Chef Pavki’ where she shares some very wholesome videos of no-fire cooking. Adding to this little family of creators is Sonali’s husband who is a corporate professional but keeps channelling his creative streak by doing live streams on Facebook where he shares his easy tactics to create some brilliant artworks.

Sonali ensures that the videos on all these channels are of utmost HD quality, being shot in their in-home studios. With such prowess, she effectively manages her other household chores as well. Crediting her commendable content creating skills, a lot of big brands have roped Sonali in for collaborations. Some of her most prized collaborations included brands like Godrej, Healthkart, Agaro, Quikr, Oreo, WOW, Kurkure and many more. 

Talking about her way in the domain as a creator, she says, “Cooking is a part of my being now. I feel that it is one of the most exhilarating things that I have taken on to do in my life. Realizing along the way how creating such new and delectable recipes gave me joy, I decided that it would be for the best if I brought them forward for the world to see. That is how the channel ‘Sonali’s Recipes’ started.” “Even for Pavki, I want her to keep continuing in the field. She enjoys doing it right now, and for the future, if she chooses it as her hobby or profession, it will be upon her”, Sonali added.

The blogger is also available on many other short video applications where she puts on her content. Recently, a video of hers got viral on Roposo, which assisted her to land in the Semifinale of the Roposo Contest among lakhs of other contestants. It led to a virtual meet with notable personalities like Farah Khan, Neha Dhupia, and Mukesh Chhabra where they took a masterclass, teaching the audience the knack of content creation. 

On her channel, Sonali procures a plethora of recipes ranging from healthy to exotic. She even takes up recipes on request, so if you want her to cook something specifically of your liking, you can anytime drop the request in her comment box or Instagram DMs, and she will certainly gather her spatulas and set to cook.

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