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Meet Ankit Singh and Venus Idariya, the talented young Bitcoin Traders

It is evident, through practice, self-analysis, and scrutinizing every aspect of the market, you can improve Trading skills and could lead the market with the tag of the Best Trader.

One cannot succeed in the Cryptocurrency field only by sheer luck, it needs smart work and patience to achieve big goals.

But the youngsters of India, namely Ankit Singh and Venus Idariya have broken the mold and become one of the most successful Bitcoin Traders.

At a very young age, Ankit Singh and Venus Idariya began unravelling the vast potential of Cryptocurrency.

Ankit Singh belongs to a middle-class family from New Delhi, he started learning about Bitcoins at the age of 20 and started investing in various cryptocurrencies to generate good revenue.

Ankit also had his share of rough patches. Before he found his passion for Cryptocurrency and start earning money, he had faced lots of problems in his life.

Venus Idariya is an 18-year old school guy with lots of talent. He is actively engaged in Bitcoin Trading. He learns new things by doing new experiments individually. This is how he starts his excursion into the Crypto World.

And today, after all, ups and downs Venus Idariya and Ankit Singh stand amongst the best Bitcoin traders and investors.

Even after being a millionaire, getting more than 1 crore profit per year, both Ankit and Venus are down to Earth. Both are actively engaged in social work, they have helped a lot of people during the nationwide lockdown.

We wish best of luck for their future endeavours.

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