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Meet Chirag Alawadhi a young serial entrepreneur Founder of ’MintShint’ and ‘Marketing Moves’

Chirag Alawadhi is a Digital Marketer and a Serial Entrepreneur. He was born on 13 August, 1994, in Hisar. Chirag  has been working in the digital marketing field with his company 'Marketing Moves Media Pvt. Ltd.' marketing company and 'MintShint' media and news company for a while now. He has assisted some big names in the Indian music market such as Parmish Verma, Dino James and Ranjit Bawa. They have also worked with music labels like Tseries and Zee Music Company. planning about the future of digital marketing is intriguing from them.

In India there is an ample workforce. Information server penetration in India has been continuously rising because of ongoing digitalization process. People all around the world have access to social media. Businesses, schools, hospitals, political parties and etc all are using digital marketing to connect with a wider audience. Indian digital marketing company ‘Marketing Moves’ promise benefits in more effective and affordable price.

Major reasons why 'Marketing Moves' and 'MintShint' has grown so much is that digital marketing is going to grow in India as there is increase in the number of internet users. The number of internet users in India was 259 million in 2015, and 331 million in 2017. As per predictions of specialists, this numbers will start increasing two-folds by the year 2022.

Chirag a renowned digital marketing expert and founder of Marketing Moves believes that digital marketing is going to thrive soon in India. Digital marketing is going to see an extraordinary future in the coming years. Digital Marketing has emerged as the most remarkable marketing in the world. Dynamics of digital marketing are evolving each day, MintShint and Marketing Moves are ready and brilliant to the most recent revolution in the world.

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