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Mobile Apps Are The Future Of The Technology - Jared Dasilva

Mobile apps are the future of the technology world. Every company and individuals demand apps for their marketing and they’re convenient as we all know today three types of apps running in the market. If you are having a Business owner or starting a new one and you don't have an App that's a big mistake, you will be left behind against your competitor.

Jared has worked extremely hard to achieve this much success in his life. Jared shifted to Miami to do progress in life. He is basically from Florida. He is the founder of the excellent techno company called NXTVL TECH in MIAMI. The next IT hub of America.

Jared left his job to make his own company. Jared spent a year in Silicon Valley one place to another and gathered knowledge as much he can. He still remembers that time for him it was an excellent time he was crossing to the big offices every day like facebook, twitter, google etc.

Jared said his first app was a dating app in 2014, and from there, his journey started in as an App developer and then an Entrepreneur. He says that he is inspired by Elon musk, Steve jobs. 

Jared and his team are top apps developing company in Miami. More than 35 mobile apps have been published this year in the App Store in just one year time, and by 2020 they are planning to launch more than 70 apps, wow that's amazing. 

He feels all the new developers in this market who wants to do good for long term has to be good in Designing and Programming skills to stay in this competitive market.

Last year for Jared and NXTLVL TECH team was excellent. And 2019 has also been superb till the halfway stage of the year. More than 35 apps are already launched and more in pipeline till 2020. Jared Company has ten live apps on ios which is a fantastic thing.

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