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Priyanka Jain’s success story inspires women youth to pursue their dream leveraging digital media

Priyanka Jain, a renowned name in the corporate world has multiple feathers to her cap. As a visionary, forward-thinker, thought leader, and go-getter, she always wanted to be the change leader. She is an effective leader with more than 15 years of experience in Strategic Business Development, Sales and Marketing, and P&L Management.

Priyanka Jain formerly worked Assistant General Manager at HT Media. She is currently the Enterprise Head of Jio, one of the leading companies in India. Backed by skilled and efficient professionals, she leads the media and advertising department and is responsible for the company’s digital growth.

With a result-oriented approach, she has worked in diverse unstructured environments and has delivered revenues through her executional skills. As a wife, mother, daughter and corporate professional, she has tried to balance it all for herself. She is very active socially and loves to spend time with her inner circle of friends.

Priyanka Jain is the industry trendsetter. Apart from being a successful professional, she is also an inspiration to all women out there who want to make a mark in their career.

In our recent chat with her she shared her few insights that helped her in her corporate career so far. She never sees the glass as half-full or half-empty but believes that the glass can always be refilled. She believes positive attitude, honesty, hard work and perseverance are the key to success. She urges to women to not restrict themselves with stereotypes about them. She strongly believes that every woman should take control of her happiness. She says, “Women should be financially independent and must have life goals. It’s possible to handle both corporate and family life if you are determined and know how to prioritize tasks”

She also says, ”With social media and digital transformation in the industry every woman has now a chance to create a brand for herself”

As an industry expert, Priyanka has helped several clients increase their brand presence and grow multi-folds. She plays by the rules but is ferocious with her business strategies.

As a thought leader and career coach, she wants to help individuals and organizations achieve the best.

She believes in women's power and wants them to step forward to bring change in society. People around her seek her mentorship and her stories are a constant source of motivation for others.

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