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Rahul Borole's Journey As A Backbencher To Top Social Media Marketing Expert Is Inspiring millions

Grades and academic performance should never determine a person's potential. A lot of creative minds don't have big degrees in their hands. It is their ability to think 10 steps ahead that help them reach the top. Rahul Borole, a youth from Aurangabad, is a suitable example of the same. Today, Rahul is a well-known photographer and owns his own agency called RB Social Media Marketing.

From his childhood days, Rahul was always fond of clicking pictures. Being a backbencher, he was never good at studies. But no one could beat him when it came to creativity, especially photography. His first camera was a cell phone at that time as he couldn't afford a proper camera. But he was happy with what he had and clicked many pictures of nature, his family and friends around. Slowly, he saved enough to buy himself a new DSLR.

With a DSLR in his life, Rahul Borole's photography career commenced. He started working, taking up work for wedding shoots and indoor photography. Word of mouth and impeccable skills helped him become popular, and Rahul started getting big projects like outdoor shoot/coverage and modelling shoots. He also got political photography assignments such as rallies and events featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and former Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis.

Along with working as a photographer, Rahul Borole started learning about digital marketing. Today, he owns RB Social Media Marketing and has clients all over India. His clientele list includes many politicians, celebs, sportsperson and social workers. Several brands also approach Rahul as his social media skills are brilliant and help achieve the target and goals.

When asked about his career, Rahul Borole says, "Creativity in work can take many different forms, and a creative mind is what makes an individual different from others. People have always been drawn to innovative things. So I always made sure that my originality reflects in every work I do."

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