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Rahul Mishra emerges as the most resourceful Digital Marketers of India

Rahul Mishra proved to be one of the Most Resourceful Digital Marketers of India; played a major role in Aatmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge.

Creativity with a touch of uniqueness is the demand of the time which is sought after in every field of development. The framework of digital marketing is thus being strengthened by more and more creative and resourceful digital architects.
One such example is the inspiring story of Rahul Mishra who at his young age has been a tough competition to his fellow competitors in the world of Digital Marketing.His work in the social category of short video creating apps has added velocity in his graph of success .

The kick start to his journey was given by the Aatmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge which was launched by our respected PM Modi. Giving a boost to the Digital India program, PM Modi launched the App Innovation Challenge to become self-reliant in terms of apps which was to be completed in two phases. First, apps with a lot of potential were to be chosen for being efficient at global level. The creators were also promised to be awarded.

After banning 59 mobile apps of China, Modi government moved fast towards becoming self-reliant in this direction as well. The PM tweeted that he was going to launch the Self-Reliant India App Innovation Challenge . Whatever PM Modi said in his tweet was the thing he always dreamt of.

Digital India program was launched in 2015. In his first term while launching the Digital India program in July 2015, PM Modi had said why a company like Google cannot be made in India. In that program, Modi had said that " I envision a digital India where with the help of technology the government will be corruption free, rural economy will have access to e-healthcare. At the same time, that identity of India will be made when the eyes of the whole world will be on India."

Like every other beginner Rahul Mishra also had to go through a lot of ups and downs to be what he is now. Abiding by the rules of growth he began his journey with learning and mastering digital marketing skills . After being stuffed with new ideas and his individual techniques he starting working on his plans and successfully handled independent portfolios of recognized brands, personalities and so on.

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