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Rakesh Kumar Yadav: Owner And Founder Of Dreamz Sports Academy Proves To Be A Star In Sports Industry

Rakesh Kumar Yadav, Originally from little Pradesh, has always been a huge fan of different kinds of games and sports.His main motive was to be a professional sportsman but because of some economical crisis in the past he was not able to do so. However, he never gave up on his dream and tried to establish himself in the same field through some other way. Almost eight years ago in 2012 he started his job as a former employee in Bangalore.This is where his journey begins.

Rakesh Kumar Yadav had the opportunity to deal with athletes and sportsmen on a daily basis since he was working in Puma. This will be relevant later because it added to his experience. Moreover, he had to meet up with a lot of young folks who wanted to really acquire the best sports gear but they could not because of two reasons, either they lacked the knowledge about all the good stuff or the did not have enough money to get the best gear. Since this is a problem that he himself had to face in the past, he completely emphasised with them and understood their current situations that were holding him back.This has become a problem because most of the young population do not receive help from their home becausr establishing a career in sports background is not considered very fancy, educational backgrounds are preferred. Hence calmer students start to feel demotivated and develop self doubting situations. Rakesh had to do something about this. Because, though his own dreams were shattered he could not let so many young athletes’ talents go to waste. It was now his goal to teach as many students as possible through his own experiences.

After years of working in Bangalore he decided to start his own sports Academy almost more than a year ago in 2019. Rakesh Kumar Yadav names thus Academy Deamz sports Academy. He soon started to support all the unprivileged athletes by providing them with opportunities at a lot of sports events, giving them correct details and information about the type of sport that they were interested in, providing them with motivation an a lot of support that they did not receive from anywhere else. This helped to boost the young students is efforts and they soon began to win big awards, ranks, and respect too. In the present times, we hardly find people like him who are willing to help out students and support them in dire times of need. Rakesh Kumar Yadav is one of those Humble down toward people who only no to do good voluntarily, without expecting much in return.

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