Global Skill Academy by 369Hub Ventures Revolutionizes Education sector with world-class courses in India, UAE & USA

Good education is the basic need for students as we progress through an age that promotes careers and prospectus living.…

Global Skill Academy by 369Hub Ventures Revolutionizes Education sector with world-class courses in India, UAE & USA

Global Skill Academy

Good education is the basic need for students as we progress through an age that promotes careers and prospectus living. There is no question in how many students are searching for good education that promises them accreditations from around the world to elevate their standards, helping them make way into a well-read community. To imprint such an impact on students who are in perusal for higher education, Global Skill Academy, a strategic Ed-tech organization of the billion dollar venture 369Hub Ventures, provides all that one can ask for. 


In this new era of innovation and business growth, one hub has emerged as a powerhouse for nurturing and empowering entrepreneurs – 369Hub Ventures Pvt. Ltd. This is how we explore the driving force behind the success stories of numerous enterprises and why it is considered a leading hub in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Surprisingly, this new phase of education brought up to us by one of the most credited man in the business empire SaleemNawaz Mandi Shaikh has already taken the education industry by storm. Without a doubt, Global Skill Academy is one of the most influential Academies of today as it is being supervised by not only experts in various fields but also people who have been so ahead of their time that they know the true value of proper education. The Academy offers premium courses like – Medical Coding, Digital Marketing, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, English Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Interview Skills and Group Discussion, IELTS & many more.


What is it about Global Skill Academy that it has stood out of the competition and engraved its name among the A-listers in this domain? The answer is its impeccable teaching methods, top-class courses and a team of experts who bricked this whole idea to reality. Being led by 369Hub Ventures Pvt. Ltd., a kingdom that is spread across USA, UAE, and India, they possess more than six years of B2C experience, have counselled more than 6,000 people and students, and have just transitioned to B2B. By the end of 2023, they hope to have more than 1000 franchises around the world. That is exactly how Global Skill Academy came to becoming one of the most sought after Academies to provide certifications from different segments like Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Hubspot, Semrush, Amazon Academy and many more.


“We believe that Global Skill Academy will be beneficial for all students who want to develop and expand their knowledge and dive into a more profitable future. In this era, there’s hardly any use of education if it’s not worldly, but Global Skill Academy by 369 Hub Ventures Pvt. Ltd. takes cares of its students on multiple levels of higher education, among other wondrous things it has to offer,” said SaleemNawaz Mandi Shaikh, founder and owner of the billion dollar initiative– 369 Hub.


With dynamic leadership in entrepreneurship, SaleemNawaz Mandi Shaikh has emerged as a driving force, powering the success of startups in the new era of business. By offering a thriving ecosystem, comprehensive support services, and a track record of successful ventures, his organization – 369 Venture has solidified its position as a leading hub for innovators. As the entrepreneurial landscape continues to evolve, SaleemNawaz Mandi Shaik remains committed to empowering and nurturing the upcoming minds in the dawn of digitization with great initial ways of education and learning.


Recognizing the importance of capital in fuelling growth, 369 Hub Venture Pvt. Ltd. maintains strong ties with several entities and enterprises. The hub is actively starting initiatives under 369 Venture in several sectors – Ed-tech Academy, Medicare, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Digital, and more. Its Academy offers several accreditations that are more than 90 certifications with high-quality training and education. 


With endless perks like a course completion certificate from GSA (India, UAE & USA), Internship, Certificate of Internship, Letter of Recommendation from GSA, 100% job placement assistance, and many more, Global Skill Academy provides more than just courses, it has spent years developing a holistic system for students from around the globe so that they won’t have to fathom for better options in their prime studying years. It has since set up a high mark to readily establish itself as an innovative yet progressive Academy for all its students.