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Dubious Role Of Gurugram Police In Pradyuman’s Murder Case, ‘Quick-Fix’ Messed Up

The Central Bureau of Investigation after a one and a half months investigation in Pradyuman’s murder case scraped the hypothetical…

Dubious Role Of Gurugram Police In Pradyuman’s Murder Case, ‘Quick-Fix’ Messed Up

The Central Bureau of Investigation after a one and a half months investigation in PradyumanÂs murder case scraped the hypothetical theory by the Gurugram police which explained that the bus conductor, Ashok Kumar 42, was the accused of the murder. Now the CBI has detained a 16-years-old class XI student of Ryan International school with the charges of PradyumanÂs murder. 

The Gurugram police on 9th September had produced Ashok handcuffed in front of the media and the poor guy read the script of the confession and rested under custody for next 61 days. Sources say that Ashok was tortured brutally under the custody of Gurugram police. It is also said that even before his arrest and confession, he was manhandled and forced to confess the crime.

Now as the CBI has rejected the so called investigation in the PradyumanÂs case, Gurugram police department have to be answerable to a detailed questionnaire after their dubious role and murky preliminary inquiries in the extra-sensitive murder case of 7 years old child, that shocked the nation on 8th September 2017. 

10 Questions To Gurugram Police

1- In the initial probe, Gurugram police arrested Ashok Kumar and treated him as the prime accused of the PradyumanÂs murder case, after he confessed the crime. On 9th September 2017, The Deputy Commissioner of Police South Gurugram, Ashok Bakshi, had said, ÂThe accused has been arrested and we are also integrating POCSO Act in this case. More names will be added soon. What type of prima facie did the Gurugram police officials collect at the crime scene to accuse Ashok Kumar?

2- Ashok Kumar confessed the crime then and admitted that he tried to sexually exploit Pradyuman in the toilet of the school and then stabbed him twice near the neck after he boy objected to sex. Now CBI has rejected this so called fact which was a Âcornerstone for the Gurugram police investigation two months ago. Who forced Ashok to confess a crime that he has not committed? Who manoeuvred the script for Ashok?

3- Gurugram Police had produced a knife, the weapon used to kill Pradyuman, however, the weapon used buy the 11 class boy, as investigated by CBI, was not the same. Did the police wait for the forensic evidences like finger print matching Ashok on the knife?

4- Police Commissioner, Gurugram, Sandeep Khirwar, said, Âwe didnÂt compete our investigation. We escalated the matter to  the CBI. Now let the investigation be complete. How without proof did they believe the theory of Ashok without reaching on any conclusion of investigation?

5- If it was an attempt to ‘cover-up’ then who put the pressure on police officials and Ashok to go out make people believe a fake and planted story of confession?

6- CCTV footage is believed to be one of the prime evidences in this case. Why didnÂt the Gurugram Police carry out a thorough surveillance of the CCTV footage of the Ryan International School?

7- Since CBI is likely to release Ashok Kumar soon, will the Gurugram police apologise for the torture they have done to man who was framed by powerful people and due to the incompetence of the police? 

8- Did the persistent public demand, victimÂs family pressure and media outrage compel the police to act in Âquick-fix manner? 

9- If the Gurugram Police was aware about the 11th std student involved in the crime, then who stopped them to act against him?

10- Did the lawyer father of the accused boy try to Âfix Ashok as a scapegoat by the means of money or muscle? Was the Gurugram police aware of any such information? 

Our sources have also told that the father of the accused is a powerful lawyer in Gururgam and it is being seen as a possible obvious reason behind the boycott of the Bar Association to fight in the favour of Ashok Kumar. Why none of the lawyers come up with same boycott for the new accused by the CBI?

The India Saga also went ahead for the reactions of the DGP Haryana, BS Sandhu, but he refused to comment on it as he said, ÂGurugram Police Commissioner Sandeep Khirwar will be addressing a press conference on this matter. I cannot comment.Â

The Commissioner of Police Sandeep Khirwar in a press conference didnÂt answer any of the above questions. The entire Gururgam police department seem to be on back-foot after CBI rejected their so called investigation which has questioned the dubious proceedings in the PradyumanÂs murder case.