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Which Indian States Play Online Casino the Most?

In India, gambling has been a popular pastime throughout history. However, land-based casinos have declined in popularity and are no…

Which Indian States Play Online Casino the Most?

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In India, gambling has been a popular pastime throughout history. However, land-based casinos have declined in popularity and are no longer as important in today’s digital economy.


On the contrary, online gambling provides convenient access to a large database of real money games. The expansion of gaming platforms has led to an expansion of the market, and India, with its huge population, has quickly become one of the most exciting cyber gambling markets.


The fact that over 75% of Indians are under the age of 45 means that young Indians, predominantly living in cities, are a powerful force driving the real money gaming market.


We are based on research of 24betting casino experts, who analyzed Google Analytics data and concluded that Maharashtra has the highest number of player visits and online casino registrations, while Telangana ranks second.


Indian States Play Online Casino the Most


Online gambling is one of the most beloved hobbies of Indian young people. And high-quality gaming platforms, only fuel interest in gambling on the Internet. But not all states have the same popularity of online casinos, let’s look at the following data.


Indian States Play Online Casino the Most:


1. Maharashtra. As already indicated above, this state has the largest number of visits to players and registrations in online casinos, which is 17.4% of the total. It also has a significant population and the people of Mumbai and Pune have a strong interest in online gambling as a form of entertainment and income


2. Telangana. This state accounts for 9.9% of visits and player registrations, low-poor, high-income populations


3. West Bengal and Karnataka. These states also have significant populations that are mostly above the poverty line, with both states accounting for 9.3% of online casino players


4. Uttar Pradesh. Despite being the state with the largest population in India, Uttar Pradesh accounts for 8% of online players


5. Tamil Nadu and NCT Delhi. Both of these states are in line with Uttar Pradesh with 8.1% of online casino players despite having a smaller population than Uttar Pradesh


All of the states on the list have significant populations, mostly above the poverty line, and are prominent players in the online casino market. It is worth noting that online gambling regulations vary from state to state in India and some states may have stricter rules than others. 


Play at a reputable casino


The popularity of online gambling was also influenced by the emergence of a large number of gambling sites, but not everyone can provide a quality service.


Choosing a trusted gaming website  is very important for several reasons:

  • Safety. Verified casinos protect their users’ data and ensure the security of transactions, which prevents fraud and identity theft
  • Honesty. Quality services provide fair game conditions and random results, which ensures the fairness and reliability of the gaming experience
  • The quality of the games. Reputable online casinos work with major game providers, which guarantees the quality and variety of games
  • User support. High-quality sites provide round-the-clock user support, which allows you to solve problems and answer questions


Choosing a bad resource can lead to serious problems such as fraud, loss of personal data, incorrect calculation of winnings and other negative consequences.


Therefore, it is important to choose an online casino consciously. Join the team of players who have chosen an online casino with an excellent reputation and enjoy the winnings with pleasure.


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