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Ravindra Singh Bhati; Voice of Barmer-Jaisalmer in Lok Sabha 2024

Age is just a number; it has nothing to do with potential; these profound words show the spirit of Ravindra…

Ravindra Singh Bhati; Voice of Barmer-Jaisalmer in Lok Sabha 2024

Age is just a number; it has nothing to do with potential; these profound words show the spirit of Ravindra Singh Bhati. Bhati is a former student leader and a Member of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly from Sheo Constituency. Coming from a humble background, Bhati started his career as a student leader and became a mass leader for the citizens of Barmer and Jaisalmer. For the local issues, Bhati also filed his candidature from Barmer Lok Sabha in the upcoming elections in 2024. 

Bhati as a Student Leader

The youngster always had a close relationship with the BJP from his early days, but his bitterness toward the RSS cost him a ticket to the student union from ABVP. He contested the elections independently, and as they say, destiny supports the brave. Ravindra Singh Bhati emerged victorious and became the first student in the history of JNVU’s student politics to win independently. During his tenure, Ravindra established himself as a voice for students in Rajasthan for his work ethic.

Journey to become an MLA

Following his popularity just before the 2023 state assembly elections, Bhati joined the BJP, but the Bharatiya Janata Party again refused to give him an MLA ticket. Bhati uses this rejection as an opportunity for disaster, and the instance starts the journey of Ravindra Singh Bhati (RAVSA) as a leader of the locals. 

Even after the BJP refused, RAVSA filed his nomination independently from the Sheo constituency and won. This makes him the first candidate from Sheo to contest independently and walk on the path of the State Legislative Assembly. At just 26, he also became the youngest MLA in 2023. 

After the win, he gained immense popularity in the state. Understanding the needs of voters in the Lok Sabha elections 2024, Rajasthan CM Bhajan Lal Sharma invited him to dinner. However, due to party politics, the BJP still promoted the defeated candidate, Swaroop Singh Khara, which again soured the relations between the BJP and Bhati. 

Nomination of Lok Sabha

On March 14, the Water Supply Department of Rajasthan released a list of approved hand pumps. These were accepted at the request of the local BJP candidate or MLA. Twenty-two hand pumps were approved in the Sheo Assembly of Bhati. It was written in the list that two hand pumps were given from the quota of Bhati, and 20 hand pumps were given from the quota of BJP candidate Swaroop Singh. In such a situation, the people of Sheo felt that their MLA’s work was not being done. Therefore, Bhati decided to teach the BJP a lesson and started his Lok Sabha Campaign.

Bhati’s entry spoiled the BJP’s game. At first, it was a bipolar contest, but right now, it is a triangular contest. Bhati’s popularity could be gauged by the crowd at his nomination meeting. The number of people who were there and the support they showed him reflects Bhati’s acceptance as a leader. 


Who is Ravindra Singh Bhati?

Barmer-Jaisalmer Lok Sabha seat of Rajasthan has become a sticking point for BJP. Union Minister Kailash Chaudhary is the BJP candidate from here. CM Bhajan Lal Sharma stayed in Barmer for two days to ensure victory. Baba Bageshwar Dham also reached the city. The Defense Minister is coming on April 11. PM Modi’s public meeting is on April 12. Sunny Deol is also coming. All of them are visiting here so that a 26-year-old youth does not harm the politics of the BJP. This is Ravindra Singh Bhati, a young blood who is breaking all the barriers of caste politics and contesting as an independent candidate for this seat.