“I believe in the Power of Community,” says Jyoti Mehta, Mind Coach and NLP Counsellor - The India Saga



“I believe in the Power of Community,” says Jyoti Mehta, Mind Coach and NLP Counsellor

“I can see the wide gap between people of India and their mental health needs. And as it goes unfulfilled,…

“I believe in the Power of Community,” says Jyoti Mehta, Mind Coach and NLP Counsellor

Jyoti Mehta

“I can see the wide gap between people of India and their mental health needs. And as it goes unfulfilled, we are witnessing the great depressive era that needs mending. Hence I am trying my best to provide hand holding to people who need life skills to grow in their lives via the power of staying connected in communities,” said Jyoti Mehta, a prominent Mind Coach and NLP Counsellor. Social service is one of the most noble aspects of life, people always look out for each other in these communities and Jyoti Mehta is on her way to liberate more people from mental health issues.


Jyoti Mehta, apart from being a well-known mind coach is also a previous college topper as well as an educator, who realised that the formal education is not enough for facing life. She has entailed a lot of changes when it comes to counselling and mental health issues. Helping people in their dark and tough times is what she has always aimed for. In an era where mental health issues are increasingly prevalent, individuals like Jyoti Mehta are playing a crucial role in providing support and guidance to those in need with hand holding communities. Jyoti Mehta is an esteemed NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) counsellor and mind coach who is dedicated to helping people overcome their mental health challenges. She has created and now nurtures several communities aiming at Self Mastery, Focus & Productivity and Abundance. With a vision to create a community of coaches, Mind Coach Jyoti aims to foster a supportive environment where individuals can find solace and the necessary tools to navigate their mental well-being.


A Passion for Empowering Minds


Jyoti Mehta’s journey in the field of mental health and coaching began with her personal encounter with severe depression & anxiety and now has a burning passion to make a positive impact. Recognizing the transformative potential of NLP techniques, she embarked on a path to master the art of counselling and mind coaching. Through extensive training, research, and practical experience, Jyoti honed her skills, becoming a proficient NLP practitioner and a beacon of hope for those struggling with repetitive patterns of fears, failures, stress, depression and anxiety. She understands the importance of mentors and mentoring as our old patterns are deep rooted and tend to show up again and again. This is where a guide, a mentor, a coach is required to hold hands and install new empowering patterns again.


The Ripple Effect of Mental Health Support


As an NLP counsellor, Jyoti Mehta understands that each individual’s mental health journey is unique, and tailors her approach to meet their specific needs. NLP techniques are based on the idea that our thoughts, language patterns, and behavior are interconnected. By identifying and reframing negative thought patterns and behaviors, Mind Coach Jyoti empowers her clients to achieve personal growth, build resilience, and develop healthier coping mechanisms. Through guided conversations and exercises, she helps clients gain a deeper understanding of their emotions, enhance self-awareness, and cultivate a positive mindset. She plans to magnify the positive ripple effect of the mind tools learnt during her own transformative journey.


Creating a Community of Zen Coaches


Mind Coach Jyoti is not just creating positive impacts among individuals but now also creating coaches who can coach and heal like her under the brand name Zen Coaches where ZEN implies Zestful Empathetic and a Nurturer.

She believes that India requires more than one million coaches as 1 among 10 Indians is suffering with poor mental health. It is her way to reach and educate more and more people about simple,easy and highly efficient life tools. She firmly believes that when individuals receive the support they need, they not just lead happier and healthier lives but also contribute more meaningfully to their communities. “By spreading knowledge and educating others about the importance of mental well-being, I hope to create a ripple effect that will positively impact the larger society. These skills are not taught in schools that’s why we are trying to bridge the gap between people and mind coaches,” the Alpha Female Leading and Nurturing Communities said.


Jyoti Mehta’s commitment to empowering minds through NLP counseling and creating a community of zen coaches, who are serving further, is a testament to her dedication to mental health advocacy. Through her expertise in NLP techniques and many other healing modalities, Mind Coach Jyoti guides individuals on their path to healing and personal growth. Jyoti Mehta’s work serves as an inspiration for others in the mental health field and encourages individuals to seek the support they need to lead fulfilling lives.


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