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TV Anchor Ritwika Gupta Shares Her Self-Care Tips To Stay Upbeat

TV Anchor Ritwika Gupta Shares Her Self-Care Tips To Stay Upbeat

Television anchor Ritwika Gupta has won over her audience with her diverse content ranging from dance to fashion and beauty on her social media. In these difficult times, we asked her how she’s coping with the lockdown. 

“My family is not with me. They live abroad and I live in Mumbai. Initially, it was really strange to find roads empty and a bustling city like this being completely shut down. But then I started taking one day at a time. I feel staying positive is really important during this period”, she shares. 

Ritwika had started documenting the very first 21 days of the lockdown in the form of 10-minute daily vlogs on her YouTube channel. 

“It was a way to keep myself occupied and since I was living alone. I felt the need to share my daily activities with my family and friends who were constantly worried about me.”

She tells us that exercising helped her think more positively and she insists that one must find a way to work out daily.  

“I am not a big gym fan but I love dancing. I’ve been dancing since the age of 5 and I love how energized and positive I feel after dancing for an hour straight,” says the influencer who’s worked with brands like Vivel, Cadbury, L'Oréal, Myntra, etc.

Ritwika, who hails from Singapore, believes that it is important to tone down the negative mindset created during the pandemic. “It can get really challenging to stay motivated. But an hour of dance, some basic workout or meditation really helps me” she says.

She personally looks at a lot of YouTube videos for exercise routines. “There are a number of workshops happening online nowadays. There are also so many workout demos which don’t require any heavy equipment”, she adds. 

 As far as her skincare is concerned, the Bengali girl tells us that it is very important to eat clean and drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. 

“I have been shooting my TV episodes from home since the lockdown began. So, I make sure I keep my makeup brushes clean and sanitized. I also make sure to remove my makeup properly with a good cleanser every day”. 

She believes that a good skincare regime is very necessary for the changing season. 

“It's important to maintain a consistent skincare routine that involves a light moisturizer, a toner, and a good eye cream. It is also beneficial to start using good antioxidants such as Vitamin C as it exfoliates the skin and keeps it glowing. But one important product that everyone will benefit from is a good sunscreen SPF 30 and above. It will protect your skin and help you get healthy, and radiant complexion,” she signs off. 

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