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Non-human bodies resembling aliens in US government custody says ex-Intelligence official

US President Joe Biden

Whistleblower David Grusch claimed in court on Wednesday that the US has been in possession of non-human figurines for quite some time now. It has been brought to the world’s attention by the ex-intelligence officer that a “multi-decade” program that gathered and tried to reverse engineer, stricken UFOs was set up by the government, he told in a hearing. 


David Grusch, an ex-US official who was incharge of unexplained anomalous phenomenon (UAP), within a US Department Defense academy until 2023, informed the House Oversight Committee in session. 


The hearing generated a great deal of conjecture and assertions that the US is hiding proof of extraterrestrial life and technology, along with a great deal of doubt.


In 2022, Grusch made a whistleblower report. He said that as part of his duties for the government, he had been tasked with examining what the military, defence, and other agencies knew about extraterrestrials and their ship, but claimed that he had been denied access to top-secret UFO programs.


Speaking on Wednesday, Grusch claimed that his accusations had led to "very brutal" punishment. Grusch admitted during questioning that he knew of "people who have been harmed or injured" as a result of government efforts to keep UFO information secret. When asked by a member of the oversight committee if he had ever "feared for his life," Grusch answered, "Yes, absolutely. I am hopeful that my actions will ultimately result in a positive outcome of increased transparency," Grusch continued.


In interviews with some sources, Grusch claimed that the federal government was concealing to Congress this proof of alien craft. This claim ignited a controversy in June and prompted the Republican-led oversight committee to immediately initiate an investigation. After this claim was posted worldwide, the intrigue around the case and proof for its evidence has sparked memes on the internet. The arguments of people claiming UFOs are real or not has further intensified.



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