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Rich Manley is a famed personality and voyager who was born on June 16, 1986, in Massachusetts. As an adolescent, he was tranquil, visionary, and wanted to participate in many activities. Rich was involved with magic when he was only 10 years old and he started to absorb himself in magic when his granddad showed  him his first magic trick. In the early high school years, Rich invested his energy performing at events, bars, TV programs, and for the family. His devotion to magic was as powerful as his eagerness for martial arts, as he continued making new effects and honed his skills.

At the point when Rich turned 13, he began practicing Kenpo Karate and accomplished his Black Belt in four years alongside teaching at the nearby school. In the wake of his exposure to martial arts, he made up his mind to perform for the public and travelled to New York City to master skills in the styles of Wing Chun Kung Fu, Shaolin Kung Fu, and various weapons where he worked under the direction of Shaolin Monks. Rich received a black belt in two particular styles of Kung Fu and travelled to Los Angeles for an international martial arts contest at the age of 19 years old. He received the title from a prominent organization called K-Star named as "one of the main sixty young martial arts entertainers in North America".

Rich received his education at Radford University in Virginia for media studies and sports while keeping martial arts as a priority. At college, he studied the specialty of making films and honed his acting. Rich was not happy with his learning, and made a plan to travel to Los Angeles to work efforts on a TV documentary known as "Stars Stunts Action". This visit to Los Angeles was a defining moment of his life, as he had a chance to meet expert fighters, choreographers, and mentors. Additionally, he exhibited his magic abilities in the industry and was invited to perform  at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. 

Starting in his early twenties, Rich was passionate about various activities such as rock climbing, scuba diving, sky diving, mountaineering, travel, music, writing, and the arts. Under the academics, he took human sciences, archaeology, and cultural studies. Rich is an avid writer, martial artist, traveler, and magician.

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