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Top 5 tools to download videos from Instagram 

Instagram videos have become our generation’s digital bonfire, capturing our interest and igniting happiness. It’s hardly surprising that video content…

Instagram videos have become our generation’s digital bonfire, capturing our interest and igniting happiness. It’s hardly surprising that video content dominates, as more than 60% of users actively seek out videos. In particular, reels are becoming increasingly popular for brands to reach a larger audience and for creators to express their creativity. Why download these fleeting moments? It’s easy to maintain the flame even when the internet is unavailable.

Whether enjoying a favourite clip offline, archiving a memorable occasion, or just keeping a hilarious moment with friends alive, downloading Instagram videos lets us capture and treasure the digital flames that brighten our lives. Thus, gather your phone chargers or marshmallows and join the celebration. Some people do not know how to download relevant videos from Instagram; in this guide, we will provide the top 5 tools to download videos from Instagram easily. 

Top 5 tools to download videos from Instagram 

Tool 1. 

Saving videos from Instagram to your device is possible with, a free online tool that keeps you from having to install any software. will handle the rest if you copy and paste the video URL you wish to download into the designated field.

Thanks to offline access, you can watch your downloaded videos anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection.

Key features 

  • Archiving: Keep your best videos safe for watching at a later time.
  • Sharing: Send friends and family who do not use Instagram the videos you have downloaded.
  • Editing and repurposing: Make personal or artistic use of downloaded videos.

How to use it?

  • Copy the URL of the Instagram video you wish to download and paste it into the search bar on the website.
  • Choose the desired video quality and click the “Download” button.
  • Your device will begin to download the video.

Tool 2. Ingram 

iGram is a free web application that makes downloading Reels, videos, and images from Instagram simple. iGram makes it easy and accessible to save a creative reel, a beautiful picture, or a funny clip.

It permits the downloading of videos from both private and public accounts. It provides a variety of download formats, including audio and video, and allows the creation of GIFs from Instagram videos. If you’re a content creator or casual Instagram user, iGram is a valuable tool to improve your experience.

 Tool 3. Video Downloader for Instagram 

Instagram videos are a well-liked way to consume content on the network, but occasionally, you may want to store them for later use or offline viewing.

Key features 

  • Permits the high-quality download of Instagram videos.
  • Facilitates the simultaneous download of several videos.
  • Features an integrated video player for watching videos that have been downloaded.

How to use this? 

  • Install the Video Downloader for the Instagram app from the relevant app store.
  • When the app opens, select “Paste Link” from the menu.
  • To download an Instagram video, copy its link and click the “Download” button.
  • The video will download to your device.

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Tool 4. Repost For Instagram 

The well-liked mobile app Repost for Instagram is accessible on iOS and Android platforms. For infrequent users and content creators, it provides various features for downloading and reposting Instagram content.

Key features 

  • Download: Get Instagram images, videos, Reels, and stories straight to your phone.
  • Repost: Add content you’ve downloaded to your Instagram story or feed while crediting the original author.
  • Plan: Set aside time to download and repost content.
  • Regram: Use the integrated regram feature to repost content without downloading it.
  • Personalize: Enhance your reposts with stickers, filters, and captions.

Tool 5. 4K Stogram 

Instagram video downloads in bulk can be accomplished with a desktop app that runs on Mac and Windows. Using the desktop application 4K Stogram, you can download Instagram videos in large quantities on Mac and Windows. This practical and effective method lets you archive or view your favourite videos offline.

Key features 

  • Allows downloading videos from accounts that are private or public.
  • It lets you download videos in MP4, MKV, and WebM formats.
  • Able to simultaneously download videos from several Instagram accounts.

How to download video from Instagram? 

  • On your computer, install the 4K Stogram application.
  • Launch the app, then sign into your Instagram profile.
  • Choose the Instagram accounts you wish to download videos from.
  • Select the preferred download format by clicking the “Download” button.
  • Your computer will download the videos.

Instagram has exciting video content, so downloading tools helps you watch offline, archive, and repurpose. After examining several choices, you can choose your favourite videos and download them from Instagram to watch them later or post them on any other platform like WhatsApp. From the tools mentioned above, individuals can easily download videos from Instagram for different purposes.